Cupping Therapy

Hot cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment for many different types of ailments. Our wellness and stress relief center offers hot cupping for pain relief in sore, tightly wound muscles, menstrual relief, detoxification, and more. Our experienced Chinese medicine practitioner will offer this as a part of a holistic medical treatment to have you feeling better inside and out.

Also called vacuum therapy, this treatment involves placing cups onto muscle areas of the body to stimulate specific areas, allowing for accurate muscle stress relief. Hot cupping can also help with cellulite reduction, lymph drainage, weight control, and more. Our acupuncture clinic can also help clients with infertility counseling to provide total and complete wellness. Acupressure Reflexology Works is here to help you with all your aches and pains.

If you would like more information on Acupressure Reflexology Works cupping therapy or our other treatments, contact our wellness center in Washington, PA today and learn more about our safe and effective treatments.